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Tourism Management Degree Schools

Pittsburgh Technical Institute

- Hospitality - Travel and Tourism Management
- Hospitality Management Administration
- Hospitality - Hotel and Restaurant Management
- And more...
Campus Locations: Oakdale

Vancouver Career College

- Travel and Tourism
- Business Administration Management
- Business Management
- And more...
Campus Locations: Abbotsford

Westervelt College

- Travel and Tourism
- Hotel Restaurant and Casino Management
- Sales and Marketing

Campus Locations: London

National American University

- Business Administration Emphasis in Tourism and Hospitality Management B.S.
- Business Administration A.A.S.
- Business Administration B.S.

Campus Locations: Rochester

CDI College

- Travel and Tourism
- Hospitality Operations
- Hospitality Management
- And more...
Campus Locations: Vancouver

Colorado State University-Global Campus

- BS - Marketing

Campus Locations: Online

Florida Tech University Online

- Associate of Arts in Marketing
- Master of Business Administration
- Associate of Arts in Business Administration
- And more...

Campus Locations: Online

Lincoln Culinary Institute

- Culinary Management

Campus Locations: West Palm Beach

Keiser University Campus

- Associate of Arts in Hospitality
- Master in Business Administration – Professional
- Master in Business Administration – Management

Campus Locations: Jacksonville

South College

- Associate of Science - Business Administration with Concentration in Professional Brewing Science
- Certificate - Professional Brewing Science
- Bachelor of Business Administration
- And more...
Campus Locations: Knoxville

Thomas More College

- Master of Business Administration
- Bachelor of Business Administration

Campus Locations: Ft Mitchell

Beckfield College

- Associate of Applied Science: Marketing

Campus Locations: Florence

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division

- Culinary Management (BS)
- Event Management (C)

Campus Locations: Online

Kaplan University - KHE

- Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration : Hospitality Management
- Master of Business Administration : Marketing
- Bachelor of Science in Business Administration : Marketing
- And more...
Campus Locations: Mason City

Globe University & Minnesota School of Business

- Business Administration
- Master of Science in Management
- Master of Business Administration
- And more...

Campus Locations: Online

Tourism Management Degrees

Tourism management is a highly similar field to hospitality management and can be called a sub-field of the latter. Whereas hospitality management deals with all kinds of guests who come to visit or stay at the hotel or resort, tourism management exclusively deals with tourists and travelers. These tourists may be visiting a location for business or leisure purpose, and this is the duty of a tourism manager to make sure that their travel, stay, food, visiting purpose and travel back home are all smooth and pleasurable.

In order to achieve that goal, acquiring an online tourism management degree can help you greatly. These formal degrees are taught right from associate to master’s level. Continuing education is also offered by many online schools and is hugely popular among professionals who cannot invest too much time or money in regular university studies.

Tourism management professionals normally start their careers from entry level positions and go from there. So it is quite necessary that you get familiar with different flight reservation software, tourism geography, intercultural food choices and many other aspects of the business. All this, of course, cannot be learnt wholly on-job or online. A combination of hands-on experience with formal academic qualifications is required.

This is where your online tourism management degree will help you as it will allow you to start a tourism management job, albeit at entry level, while you continue your online studies to improve your academics. Your tourism job would serve as a practical lab for you to practice all the concepts you are learning in your studies.

Through your online tourism management degree, you can learn hospitality and travel law, food and beverage and leisure management etc. Popular careers that you can enjoy with this qualification are travel and tourism consultant, resort event planner, hotel manager or can even open up your own travel and tourism agency.


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